ROLI is a design studio specializing in creating virtual worlds and animated designs. Our aim is to discover new and unseen ways of visually communicating progressive ideas, with solutions uniquely tailored to the individual character of each project. We try to deliver creative excellence through conceptual, collaborative and experimental approaches. Benefitting from technological advances, we are bridging traditional conventions of design practices with contemporary and digital tools, extending across all media and always with the greatest possible attention to detail.

Selected Clients: Carlos Meyer, photographer / Cosima Grand, performer, choreographer, dancer / Deutsches Seminar, Universität Zürich / dschointventschr, Filmproduktion / Geoökologische und physische Geographie, Uni Landau / Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems, ETH Zürich / Kunz Architekten, Sursee / Langnau Jazz Nights / nasire / Oliver Roth, performer / Sosta Tanzzentrum / Stadt Zürich, Geomatik + Vermessung / Swiss Art Awards